Jackie Kincaid

The skill of felt making is a new one for me, but the love of textiles is not. I grew up watching my mother sew and stitch.  It was the norm to have to clear our kitchen table of fabric and pattern pieces at meal time.   Her basket of hand work was always somewhere in sight.

It was not until an art fair in the fall of 2012 that my eyes landed on a piece of handmade felt for the first time. I was completely drawn in by the texture and organic look.

This is where my journey into felt making began. I researched initially online, experimenting and learning.  I then stumbled across the Fiber and Weaver’s Guilds of Kansas City which had members interested in all types of fiber work, including felt.  The fiber artists there have been a wealth of knowledge to me as I learn the art of felting.

Encouraging wool fibers to transform into a strong yet pliable fabric is fascinating to me; transforming them into something three dimensional is even better!   The entire process of fiber to felt excites me… so my journey continues.


blue-bamboo vessel                                                    vessel


Andie's felted purse                                                     Gayle change purse


three vessels                                                   dark teal with light teal - used my dyed hankie