Carol Ann Parker


As a fiber artist, I focus on making fashionable hand-felted wool hats.  I like to wear hats and felting my own hats gives me an opportunity to create new designs and styles, and gives me an opportunity to explore different color combinations.  I get ideas for color, lines and form from nature that surrounds me.  Working with colored fleece in the feltmaking process is much like the work a painter does with an artist palette.  I blend different colors of the wool fleece to give shade and depth of color to the felt.  I enjoy exploring techniques to incorporate decorative tucks, folds, protuberances, pinched ridges, decorative stitching, and cutouts in the design.  There is no end to the many techniques that can be employed to make the end product a unique piece of felt.  Some of the new techniques that I learn result from the unintentional consequences that occur when the felt takes on a shape of its own and takes on a new look.  That is not always a bad thing, and more often than not, it is a new interesting twist to the original design.
After felting for several years I never tire of the simple process of manipulating wool fiber in warm soapy water to make a fabric.  I am still fascinated by the magic that comes from starting with loose wool fibers and watching the fibers bond together to become a durable fabric that can be shaped into a stunning hat.  The simple, ancient art of feltmaking is a process that I enjoy teaching in hat-making classes.  Through teaching the process of feltmaking,  I hope to help keep this lost art alive.

Mamie’s Hat      –     inspired by Mamie Eisenhower


Spanish Armor Hat


Casablanca Hat



The Windmill Hat



Royal Teatime Hat



Knockout Stylish Hat



Frosted Grape Hat



Gone Fishin’ Hat


Gone Fishin

Only for the French Hat



A Flapper’s Hat



Hats Galore




BOO, a felted mask along a wooded trail
This mask has been hanging outside for 2 years.  With all the rainfall this year, it has a growth of green algae covering most of the surface.  The algae gives it a very cool patina.
Boo Mask